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Welcome to Summer Reading 2022. We have four summer reading programs this year.

For Children

Read To Me: For kids from birth through grade 2. Listen to stories and complete other activities in five categories: Read, Write, Sing, Talk, and Play. Prizes will be awarded after you complete 10 activities in a category.  

Independent Readers: Kids grades K to 6 keep a reading log and earn online badges by reading and by doing activities.  Prizes will be awarded for each month a child participates and children who complete eight books will be recognized at the end of the summer, details forthcoming. Kids can also spin the prize wheel once a month! Looking for a Bingo card? Download it here (PDF)

For Teens

Teen Summer Reading awards a ticket in our weekly gift card drawings for every 30 minutes of reading. There will also be activities and challenges teens can complete to earn tickets.

For Adults

Adult Summer Reading awards a ticket in our regular gift card drawings for each book completed.

Detailed directions:
The first step of the signup process is creating the user account. This form will be familiar to patrons who have experience using websites.
Create your account online starting June 1st. Log your reading June 1st - August 13th.

  • Create a username.
  • Add your email.
  • Create a password.
  • Add your first and last name. (For children under 13, a parent/guardian must do this).
  • Optional  - add your library Card. If you don’t have a Library Card and would like one please call the checkout desk at 203-385-4160
  • Add your Phone Number
  • Read the "Terms of Use."
  • Click "I agree with these terms."
  • Click the blue "Create new account."
  • Add readers. (You need to add yourself as a reader even if you are the only person in your family entering the program)
  • Add First name and Last name
  • You do not have to enter your age, grade or school
  • Click on next
  • Choose a program: Adult Summer Reading
  • You can add another user or say no and click next
  • Log your books: Just need Title. Optional to add author and rate the book.
  • Repeat for every book (Just login to account and log your books)
  • Click on Reading log top left to view books that you have entered



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